Captain's Log
21 July 2007

Command Day begins!

After elections of two command teams on Whitehaven Beach this morning, the youth crew of voyage 11/07 have sent the staff crew packing and have officially taken over this 240 tonne floating masterpiece.After a wonderful effort rounding up tourists on Whitehaven beach, the Beach Assault Team, led by Shane, rounded up 34.5 people to sing the National Anthem over the radio. Meanwhile, back on the decks of the Young Endeavour, gaskets were cast loose from the Topsail and Mainsail by our in-house monkeys, Sam, Marto, Javier and Daniel, in preparation for our weighing of anchor and departing Whitehaven Beach. The remaining crew polished and buffed the ship to within an inch of her life in the BEST Happy Hour yet!After our weighing anchor at about 1630, and a few 90 degree (accidental) wears (turns), we are finally on our way, tacking towards and passing directly through our first weigh-point within 500m! Yippee! Massive credit to our navigators with the mostest Chris and Tegann and all of the Watches, who dropped everything (including dinner) to make this happen!Our wonderful chefs (gourmet chefs at that!), Hann, Rasa and Arian cooked up a feast of roasted vegetables, risotto, nachos and tacos to keep our Army of Youth Crew marching for a few more hours!


20° 9' South / 149° 9' East


Fine conditions, 22 knots of wind.