Captain's Log
V11/17 Brisbane to Mackay
9 November 2017


Hi Everyone,                         Well the Youth did a fantastic job of sailing the ship all the way from Middle Percy Island to our current anchorage at St Bees Island. The main engines were not used once and they really did well throughout the whole of their 24hr Command Period. One of the final tasks for today was to write the Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s entry again written by Youth Crew Members Jas. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 11th September: Command Day Handover back to StaffiesAt Anchor IVO St. Bees IslandGood evening!Over night the youth crew safely and swiftly navigated Young Endeavour to her destination! The wind gods smiled upon us, allowing us to arrive ahead of schedule, and without any need for engines to power us along.Our wonderful Sail-Master Marissa called wakey, wakey at 0700 to tack the ship hard to starboard, and shortly after we commenced ‘handing in’ sails to slow us down as we came closer to the jagged coral coastline. Everybody had tired faces and sore, calloused hands from our eight days of hauling in line, but we got the job done, pyjamas, bed-hair and all.We officially handed back the ship to Captain Gav and the Staffies at 1000. Exhausted after our busy day before, night watches and early morning sail work, everyone was happy to be awarded quiet time to relax or catch up on sleep. Some of us headed ashore to explore the island nature reserve and white sand beach, while others enjoyed the sunshine from the boat’s teak deck.Our wonderful Youthie Cooks cooked up fluffy pancakes and warm banana muffins for breaky as well as a delicious hot lunch of beef stir-fry and roast lamb. Yesterday’s Mexican Night had been a hit with all, and many had inked moustaches on in celebration of the occasion.We ended the day with a competitive round of non-competitive Rope Races (onyaa Reddies) and then a talent night full of surprises where each watch team performed something unique. The staffies composed an incredibly hilarious routine involving gantlines, tomato sauce and a cow named Daisy…Our 24hr command of the ship ran without any major hiccups. Reflecting on the experience, there were many things for us to take away from the challenge, whether it be the importance of time management, task delegation or the sheer achievement of successfully sailing a tall ship! Sleep well!Warm wishes from Jas and a tired but happy youth crew. 


20 54.1 S / 149 25.7 E


Currently anchored at St Bees Island and enjoying light 6-8kt ENE winds with nil swell and the temperature is a pleasant 19 degrees.