Captain's Log
8 August 2012



Ahoy there,Well the time has come to do the final preps before we hand the ship over to the Youth Crew for their Command Day. We started out the day with a friendly deck game which was then followed by an early morning swim. Now the wind has come up a bit (7kts) and it seems to be colder now that we are back near the mainland, so there were not as many takers as normal for our morning swim. Even worse Chad has run out of bacon so there was no chance for a BBQ breakfast with egg and bacon rolls. We did make do however with some Danish’s and a good cup of coffee.After morning brief and a snappy happy hour we had morning tea and gave those Youth Crew members who had been elected into positions a chance to double up with their Staff Crew opposites to get the inside line on how to complete the role. I feel a bit sorry for Jess because all I could tell her was how to make the perfect cup of tea.After the double ups had been completed it was time for lunch and then the hour was upon us to hand over the ship. It was with great pleasure that I handed over the Captains hat and the ships original telescope to help CAPT Jess look the part. So with little more to write about I hand you over to CAPT Jess.EX CAPT Matt The pessimist complains about the wind,The optimist expects it to change,The realist adjusts their sails William A WardNot all who wander are lost. JRR Tolkien Hey All,After a rather eventful take over which involved the human spider web challenge, Jack (Sail Master), Mark (Navigator) and myself proceeded to eagerly find and read our instructions and find out our ‘tasks’…. Somewhat easier said then done after discovering that our navigation instructions and points had been hidden up the main mast! After a quick climb by Jarrid, Mark had them in his hot little (or not so little) hand and went to work!While Mark was doing his mathematical genius navigator planning, Jack and myself proceeded to organise our own Youth Crew Olympics as one of our many tasks. There was some very entertaining synchronised diving, a coin waddle challenge, mop handle challenges and some very impressive rope swing tricks! I am happy to say that all three teams tied overall and the Young Endeavour Voyage 14/12 team won gold over all! Great Job guys!All this excitement resulted in quite an appetite, so it was fantastic that the chef’s laid out such a great spread with an Astro theme complete with fantastic home made decorations! Fantastic work team!After a great dinner the crew got given another challenge to complete, and that was to create a hammock that would hold the ENTIRE youth crew! They worked great as a team and succeeded without it breaking and dropping us on the deck. Nice work guys!So I will leave you now as we are about to away anchor and sail this fine vessel with hopefully some wind! I have the upmost faith in my team, so with out further ado, let the real challenge begin!CAPT Jess Life is like a book, If you only do what your comfortable doing, you have only read the first chapter. Push your limits and live life to the fullest! Anon  

Latitude/Longitude: 24°7's / 151°53'e


Wind: NW at 6ktsSwell: NilTemp 17 degrees (itsactually rather cold)