Captain's Log
14 December 2005


Command Day was an exciting, uplifting and exhausting time for allaboard Young Endeavour. At 1pm on Tuesday, the helm was passed overto the Youth Crew aboard, and after a little delay, the sails wereset and the Young Endeavour headed out Jervis Bay on route toSydney.The crew managed to successfully wear the ship (turn the sternthrough the wind) six times throughout the following 24 hours, afterslight confusion on the first attempt.Although many of us had never sailed before we came aboard, all ofthe crew were determined to stick with the challenge and sail her toSydney. We all gained a great deal of knowledge about sails, weather,team dynamics and leadership. The crew of 24 was very impressive tosee, as they worked together, helped each other and came together tobring the ship through hard turns and medium swells. (The ship’sspeed reached over 12 knots on occasions!).The Young Endeavour Command Day has taught us much about teamwork andleadership that we can take with us when we depart on Friday, and hasgiven us all memories and experiences that will definitely be once ina lifetime.”Team work makes the dream work”BillyYouth Crew Captain for Command Day


31°54's / 151°34'e