Captain's Log
V13/18 Mackay to Airlie Beach
28 July 2018

Command Day

Ahoy shipmates,Command Day has arrived and we have handed the Ship over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 13/18. Unofficially the staffies are on holidays (but always watching) and as such Captain Reilly has Captain’s Log responsibilities tonight…so over to him.Fair Winds,Captain Kenny Ahoy,Today, Saturday the 28 of July, was the Command Day for the youth crew of the STS Endeavour. It started with a beautiful morning anchored in at one of the worlds top rated beaches, Whitehaven. After waking up to the sounds of sizzling bacon on the top deck BBQ and doing our morning warm up around the ship, we had a hearty breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches on freshly backed bread made lovingly by our Chef Zac. A quick dip in the ocean as the sun finished rising over the nearby mountains and we moved to morning brief, where we heard the thrilling twist conclusion to Salty’s sea story of the sailing ship STS Guano Princess. Moving straight from the morning brief into Happy Hour (cleaning the ship), we then were at that penultimate moment of preparing for when the youth crew would take over the ship and start our 24 hour challenge of sailing a Brigantine Tall Ship without aid. The night before we held a blind election to choose our Commanding Officer, Sail Master, Navigator, Watch Officer, three Watch Leaders and three Chefs. The positions are as follows:PlacementNameCommanding OfficerReillySail Master HollyNavigatorZigfriedWatch OfficerRioWatch LeadersPeter, Jacob and ZaraChefsAdam, Abbie, Hayley Some tense moments followed as the sails were unfurled and the initial actions were made but the crew performed well and we set sail at a blazing two knots. Through the following hours we set about performing all of the procedures needed to sail a tall ship. We are currently heading for our first way point and will wear the ship around 12 O’clock tonight, all going well. The crew has been performing admirably and, although tired, are in strong spirits.Yours AyeCaptain Reilly


20 02 south / 149 10 east


Course:  332    Speed:  2 knotsWind:  South easterly at 7 knots    Swell:  Nil   Weather:   Fine