Captain's Log
V06/21 Brisbane to Gladstone
27 June 2021

Command Day

Ahoy there,
It’s Goose and Mia here, we’re giving you an update on the last 24 hours of our adventures upon one of the 7 seas, we think. According to our Navigator Emma we are in the coral sea and it’s not a part of the seven oceans, but what does she know. Yesterday when we were going into the night of command day, we were met with some really rough seas. The crew of youths and a few Staffies fought through the cold and wet to bring us safely to anchor in the port of Gladstone.
As myself (Goose) was downstairs cooking up a storm with my trusty partner Molly, for all of the hungry sailors. We didn’t run into any trouble and both surprised ourselves because apparently we can cook better than the actual cook Addsy! Our menu was the best that any of the staff have ever had on command day, not to brag or anything. For dinner we made spag bog which is a very, very hard meal to make and Mia reckons it tasted excellent. We then made bacon and eggs for brekkie with pancakes that Emma also liked. Lunch was the themed meal as per the task from Rio. So of course, we made the only thing we know how to; Bangers and Mash with gravy. This of course needed a theme so we added a little bit of spice and brought out our inner bogan, or some would say outer bogan.
While Goose and Molly slaved away in the kitchen getting flung from side to side, I (Mia) and the rest of the crew were being proper sailors. Reaching top speeds of 10.3 knots, which is the fastest that Emma and the rest of the Staffies (except for CAPT Mike) have ever gone on the Young Endeavour. Throughout the night speed demon Captain Carl and the rest of the team had to slow down the old gal as we were running a good 7 hours ahead of schedule. Anchoring at approximately 5am (4 hours ahead of schedule), Sunday morning breakfast was well deserved.
To fulfill as many Command Day tasks as possible, we sang the national anthem 3 times. Once to the tune of Single Ladies, then Riptide and finally one other that I can’t remember. Thanks to Dave for leading the choir. After an entertaining morning brief led by our elected youth leaders, we went straight into Happy Hour. A short game of Jeopardy saw the Staffies excel. After handing the ship back to the Staffies at 11am, it was a chill afternoon of cards and catching up on sleep.
Day 9’s highlight would have to be the disco organised by Mia and Dave, helped out by Benny, Phoebe and Rio in the 12 berth cabin, where all youthies had a proper rave for 27 minutes.
Go Maroons!
Catch ya,
Goose and Mia
Thanks Youthies, It was indeed some exciting sailing last night with 35 knot winds we experienced. The youth crew did a great job during their period in control of the Ship. I think they learned much about leadership and teamwork, and the importance of good communications.
Until tomorrow.
Yours Aye, Captain Mike


23 50.2' S / 151 19.0' E


Wind: 160 / 12 Kn, Swell: nil, Sea: 0.25 m Weather: Overcast, with passing showers Temp: 18 deg C