Captain's Log
19 February 2010


Hi Everyone,Today the Youth Crew has been kept extremely busy, initially by completing Demonstrational Tacks closely followed by Captains Setting and Furling drills. With these activities successfully completed we entered Port Phillip Bay early this afternoon and came safely to anchor just of the township of Rye. At 1600 I officially handed over the Command Day instructions and the ‘telescope of challenge’ to Youth Crew Captain Andrew and in doing so gave the Youth Crew the responsibility of running the ship for the next 20 hours.One of the many tasks that has to be completed over the 20hr period is to write the Captains Log, so please find attached Captain Andrews log entry for this evening.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAYVOYAGE 04/10Hello everybody back home. Today has been a very important day for the Youth Crew on board Young Endeavour, as we took over the ship from the Staff to begin our command day. After the routine early morning wake up and breakfast, we had a snappy morning brief and the usual vocal activities to prepare us mentally for the day ahead. Then, utilising the favourable winds, we polished off our ship handling skills near the coast between Phillip Island and Melbourne. We were confident in our recently learnt skills, and we needed to be, as we had to prove to Captain Gav that we were capable at sailing the ship. This is called the Captain’s Setting and Furling assessment. I am pleased to say that each Watch was successful, so we are now deemed ready to command the ship with staff only supervising for safety.Not long after, the time came for us to take command of the ship. We held our own elections for the main command positions, being Captain, Sailmaster, Navigator, Chefs, Officers of the Watch and Watch Leaders. The elections ran very smoothly as overseen by the very diplomatic Leo, and after an hour we managed to elect youth crew to fill each position. Andrew was elected as Captain, Desiri as Sailmaster (Sailmistress she refers to herself as), our two very switched on navigators are Tim and Brenton, and our three fantastic Chefs are Leo, Kitty and Ancelin. Although there are people in set leadership positions, it was stressed to us that the ship can not sail without every single one of us doing our own jobs, and that teamwork and cooperation are much more important than our own personal ambitions. All of the youth crew took this in, and we are all very excited to work together to get through the next day of challenges, just like we have been doing over the past nine days. No doubt all the knowledge which we acquired from the trying conditions of days gone by, through all the storms and seasickness, would prepare us for the next twenty hours.As soon as Captain Gav handed over the Telescope of Challenge and the Captain’s Hat to Andrew, along with instructions, all the staff ran straight up to the side of the ship and did backflips and cannonballs into the water. They were finally allowed a holiday.So now we are all set for a long night of waking up every few hours to change the ship’s direction to sail across the wind, and we are all looking forward to the challenges of a new day tomorrow.Yours Aye,Captain Andrew


38°16's / 144°57'e


Currently located 10nm to the NE of Rye and experiencing moderate northerly winds with nil swell.