Captain's Log
15 March 2010


Hi Everyone,Command Day commenced at 1100 this morning when I handed Youth Crew Captain Josh the ‘Telescope of Challange’. Since then the Youth Crew have been busy completing tasks and most importantly sailing this fantastic Ship. One of the many tasks to be completed over the 24hr period is to write the Captains Log, so please find attached tonights log entry from Captain Josh.Enjoy!Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAYVOYAGE 06/10This morning our day started at Anchor in the historically significant area of Port Arthur. With a ghost tour of the township finishing late the previous night out youth crew slept with one eye on the Isle of the Dead.Command Day, where the Youth Crew will take charge of the ship for 24 hours started at 1100hrs today with our fearless Command Team of Josh as Captain, Big Dan as Sail Master and Glenn as Nav taking charge and plotting our course to Kingston Beach.We weighed anchor at around 1430 and sailed out of Port Arthur initially under a Northerly wind but with the conditions being light and variable we found ourselves struggling to make any headway.Engines were turned on and away we steamed with our Staff Crew lazing about the decks and idly munching on Oranges as the Youthies worked hard to get ourselves on course and achieving our objectives.As the sun starts to set on our eighth day at sea we are both excited and sad that our once in a lifetime experience is slowly coming to an end. Friendships at sea have been strengthened by wind, water and waves and no doubt will last for a lifetime.As captain of the Youth Crew I am really proud to say that we have been working really hard collectively in the challenging conditions that have been served up to us by the weather gods.I am off now to take watch on the bridge from 2000 hrs to 0100hrs as we cross the amazing Storm Bay under Top Sail and Course Sail with about 10 knots of wind at our backs.Thanks to all back home for your support and the Youth Crew send our best wishes to everyone. We miss you all but we are having an awesome time, so until tomorrow, stay safe.Josh :-D 


43°12's / 147°39'e


Currently located in Storm Bay and experiencing light and variable winds with a .5m swell.