Captain's Log
28 March 2010


Hi everyone,We enjoyed a very restful night at anchor and at 11:00 am I handed command of the Ship to the Youth Crew. I’ll let the new Captain send you a log entry a bit later but this entry serves as an update in any event. The team have been achieving a lot of their tasks to date and we have successfully sailed from anchor and cleared Jervis Bay … only to be confronted by strong northerly winds and seas as well as a persistent 2 knot East Australian Current running against us. The effect is that we haven’t gone very far from Jervis Bay – I can still see Point Perpendicular light at the entrance to JB just three miles away! We have started the engines to help us but still finding it hard to make much headway.Anyways, I’m sure the Youth Crew will let you know how we are going to get to Sydney in time! As a side note, dinner made by the Youth Crew chef’s (Danni, Adrian and Jenna) was superb. Until later …Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain 


35°9's / 150°51'e


Wind NNE at 25 knots although I expect this to start easing and become light by Monday morning. Barometer 1020 Hpa steady. Air temperature 24 degrees. Sea 1.5 meters on a low northerly swell. No real sea sickness but certainly some tired Youth!