Captain's Log
19 July 2010


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Command Day. At 1100 today I officially handed YOUNG ENDEAVOUR over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 12/10. Over the next 24 hours they will complete a wide variety of tasks including sailing and navigating the Ship from Whitehaven Beach to Airlie Beach. It will give all of them the opportunity to put all of the new skills that they have learn’t over the past 8 days to good use. One of the many tasks to be completed during this period is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find attached the first log entry for tonight from Youth Crew Captain Charlie and his Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGVOYAGE 12/10Hello Everybody,Youth Crew Captain Charlie ‘chucky cheese’ reporting!After a beautiful wake up at Whitehaven beach and a fun filled swim it came to 1100 when it was time for the youth crew to take command of the ship.After the hand over ceremony and a successful sail away from anchor we began to set the appropriate sails to commence our journey around the Whitsunday Islands via our waypoints to Airlie Beach, which was followed by a great lunch served by our youth crew chefs, YUM.We are currently working in our watches to sail overnight and are in the process of completing a long list of tasks allocated to us by the staff crew, so far things are running very smoothly!Followed by me will be a few words from some of the youth crew, as we have had a long days work and we have overnight watches. Many of the Youth Crew are now asleep so sadly only a few have been able to report.Signing out,Captain Charlie.PS. Hi mum!Sailing Master Adam here, just reporting on the impeccable teamwork and willingness to help from the crew during the first few hours of our command day. Sailing a tall ship, funnily enough, is not an easy thing to do, and with the crew working like a universally minded organism we have managed to do (in my esteemed opinion) flipping well!!G’day all you westsiders, take a trip on the Young Endeavour, it will be the most awesome experience of your life!Kate, Albany, Western AustraliaHey everyone at home. The trip is amazing. I never knew I could function with so little sleep.In other news I have a tan in winter!ParisToday I swung off the ship, I was so scared but I had a great time. We’ve been to Brampton Island, Nara Inlet and we have just spent the last night at Whitehaven beach. I’ll be home soon see you then, hope your enjoying Sydney weather!Mariam, Sydney, NSWI love you more than a yacht loves wind, I love you more than a shark loves its fin, I love you heaps.Blue, Chelsea, VICHey Guys, having an amazing time. And to all my friends, you know who “you” are. Miss you lotsMeg.Only three days to go now and the week has flown past with everyone working hard, every day has brought a new surprise that brought up new challenges.SophieHi to all the family and friends at home reading this!Sophie, UKAll I can say is its amazing how much a youth crew can grow in just over a week, and how we have all stood to the challenges we have faced.AllyI haven’t so much fun in such a short period of time, EVER! Whitehaven Beach and the views have been incredible. Shout out to the family, love you all!TomMy goodness having too much fun, made so many great friends, especially stemzine my new bestie. Missing my ginger ninja and the fam, but don’t want this to end. No regrets!Love PhoebeHaving an awesome time getting to miss a week of school monks missing mozy but he doesn’t want to go home. In the Galley for Command Day, hard work, but loving it. Really don’t want to go home. P.S Mum sorry for taking the straightener, didn’t want you to take it and lose it.XOXOX JessHey family having a zooper dooper great time, not keen for school, met some great people such as Phoebe (she paid me to say that) cya on ThursdayX Josh.Hey family Adrian here, having a great time met heaps of cool people like phobes, jess, maddi. Josh, paris and captain charlie.Love ya’s and see you soon XOXO AdrianHey family and friends have learnt so much and made so many new friends. Sailing is the greatest feeling in the world, it’s so good I can rely on everyone on board. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that work would be so much fun.Jengis Howdy peeps, just Mason hangin’ out wit ma gangsta m8z, havin krazii fun. Causin’ a ruckus wiv josh, phobes and paris, my new club mates Adrian and Jess.Cya XOXOMason 


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Currently located 12nm to the NE of Whitehaven Beach and enjoying light SE winds with nil swell.