Captain's Log
15 November 2007


Ahoy shipmates,The command day is now well underway. The youth crew elected their new command team, watch leaders and cooks last night and this morning there has been a flurry of planning and preparation which thus far has paid off with good results. Staff crew handed over the ship at midday, shortly after which the youth crew successfully sailed the ship from anchor in light headwinds and tacked their way out of American Bay. They have a number of objectives to complete over the 24 hours of their command day, a number of which they have already completed, including getting 24 youth crew aloft at once while underway. They have are now making rapid progress in the freshening breeze towards a midnight waypoint where they will hand over the ship to the second command team. Stay tuned to hear how our intrepid youth crew fare with the remainder of their day.Yours Aye,Captain BobYouth crew entry:lWith our command team elected, the day has started with mixed emotions and thoughts ranging from joy to anticipation. We had been given the task to take over the roles and responsibilities that we had been introduced to us barely a week ago.With such a big task and such a big responsibility a slight trail of doubt had crept into our minds. However, only five minutes into running the ship we soon realised that with us as the youth crew and command team we were working together and uniting as one. Half way through I had no doubt in my mind we would pass with flying colours.There have been many challenges today; diverse and rewarding. From navigational waypoints, to chalk murals, from cooking for staff and youth crew to keeping moral and team work going. Being responsible for decision making and working the lines has brought us closer to our goals, goals that are sailing related and our personal ones too. I expect with ingenuity and guile we will reach our half way point ready for the second half of command day to take us further in the journey. We look forward to seeing the rest unfold.Jeremy and Ciara  


35°19's / 138°11'e


Wind east 10 knots, clear skies, calm seas.