Captain's Log
3 February 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Young Endeavour was officially handed over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 04-09 at 1400 today for their 24 hour Command Day. One of the many tasks to be completed during this period is for the YC Captain to complete the Captains Log for this evening and tomorrow which gives me a bit of a break and gives you an insight on Command Day from the Youth Crews perspective. Anyway please find attached tonights entry from YC Captain Eddy.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 04/0902 MAR 20092200 HOURSGood evening to all from the Young Endeavour! This is Captain Eddy (Gerard) reporting in for the first time on Command Day, we have been having a fun filled adventure thus far but today it was time for the Youth Crew to take charge of the ship and work our way through a list of tasks that are to be completed within the next 24 hours.We began by selecting our command team which included myself as Captain, Marty as Sail Master, Tom as Navigator, Rosie, Tim and Michael as Watch Officers, the Watch Leader positions fell to Micko, Em and Susan, and the most important positions of all the Chefs went to Addelle, Chris and Jordan.Already today we have completed 3 tasks of the possible 18 (no small feat I assure) with outstanding tasks including Waypoint Navigation, A photo of 20 youth crew aloft (climbing a 33m mast) and a mural of our time aboard the Young Endeavour.After sailing from anchor at Patonga, N.S.W. We manoeuvred out of the bay and completed three tacks (perhaps less gracefully then I had envisioned) to position ourself on course for our first waypoint and headed out to sea, finally with the bow heading away from land we were able to relax and send the off watch crew to bed to recover from a somewhat hectic day.So finishing up everyone is happy yet a little drained from the experience and looking forward to the further tasks and waypoints ahead.Signing off!!Gerard “Eddy” IrvineYouth Crew CaptainYoung Endeavour 


33°34's / 151°24'e


Currently 7nm to the east of Broken Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15kt E/NE winds with a 1m swell