Captain's Log
22 September 2009


Hi Everyone,Welcome to Command Day for Voyage 13-09. This afternoon at 1300 I handed the Ship over to the Youth Crew and so far they have met all challanges head-on and are doing a fantastic job of running the Ship. One of the many tasks that they have to complete is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow so please find below the first of these log entries from Youth Crew Captain Robbie.Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGHey Everyone,Well Command Day has finally come. We have been fortunate enough to see some amazing things whilst learning some important life lessons. We have learnt to work with relative strangers, with people of all ages and backgrounds in order to reach a common goal.Command Day is no different. Every single member of the Youth Crew is essential in us being able to achieve all the tasks which have been assigned to us.Command was handed over to the Youth Crew at 13.00 and since then it has pretty much been non stop. Our Navigator Kaitlyn is doing an amazing job setting out course and the Sail Master Ellie got our sails raised and heading in the right direction.Life hasn’t been without a few hurdles to overcome, like our wind disappearing, but everyone is showing great team spirit and I think we will be amazed at what we achieve over the coming 24hours.Congratulations to Z, Billy, Angus, Kat, Christina and Karri for being elected Watch Leaders and Officers and Lucy, Janet (aka Dan) and Kristen are who keeping everyone well fed.If I had the time I would list every person on board and everything they have accomplished but it would take me all night. We have all spent a considerable time living in very close quarters and it has made us all become very close. Everyone on board is like a second family.Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day but I know we can pull it off. Watch this space.Captain Tito (aka Robbie) 


17°19's / 121°53'e


Currently located 35nm to the NW of Cable Beach and experiencing light SW winds with a 1m swell.