Captain's Log
18 October 2009


Hi Everyone,I handed the Young Endeavour over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 15/09 at 1000 this morning and ever since then they have been doing a great job of running the ship (I might be out of a job). One of the many tasks that they have to complete over the 24hr period is to write the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow, so please find the first entry from Youth Crew Captain Cass and some of her merry crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGVOYAGE 15-09Hello all!Captain Cass here (excuse the awkward alliteration), logging on to deliver our first contact from THE TOP. Yes, we’ve finally been given the chance to take the helm, (literally!) and, in all honesty, the ship has never been in more capable hands! Our world, at the moment, consists of the ship, ourselves and a seemingly endless expanse of deep blue sea, all of which we have grown to love and respect.After a ‘rocky’ start and some very full fish (urgh!) we very quickly found our sea legs and pulled our foreheads off the railings long enough to get to know our fellow crew. And what an amazing, diverse group of young people we turned out to be! Everyone has really come together and contributed to our journey. Last night we went through the process of electing a leadership team for Command Day, with Matt C elected Sailmaster, Beth as navigator, Russ, DK and Ev as Watch Officers and Nathan, Tim, Jacqueline and Lex as Watch Leaders. And, somewhat surprisingly, it’s fallen to me to captain the ever enthusiastic Youth Crew. And what a task it has been!It’s now 18:00 and the weather is still on our side- thank you weather Gods. We find ourselves floating (steaming along at 8/9 knots) somewhere off the coast near Jurien Bay; we plan to be anchored safely near Fremantle sometime in the morning tomorrow. Big shout out to Bethany, our unfailing navigator, who managed to direct us within 3 yards of the last Navigation point- an incredible feat!We have been set a series of tasks to fulfil over our 24 hours of supremacy- all of which are well on the way to completion, if not already there. The sails are all under control and our direction, as I mentioned, is spot-on. The creative tasks have fallen into the capable hands of the watches and their leaders� You should see our huge chalk mural on the midship deck! Move over Da Vinci- wait til you’ve seen Lara attack a deck with colourful chalk! And our rearranged national anthems are ummm, music to our ears?! Sort of.We’re now getting ready for dinner, prepared with love by Millie, PJ and Loz- they’ve so far maintained the high standard set by Chad. We may have frozen to death, lost the contents of our stomach overboard multiple times, been over-tired and over-worked, but one thing we haven’t been is starved!Anyway. I’m looking forward to dinner, so I’m going to sign off. At the moment, command day has been perfect- there’s a long night ahead though, and someone has to relieve Beth without us ending up in Alaska… Fingers crossed.Love to all at home. We’re safe, happy and all is well.Cassie StaffordYouth Crew CaptainHey all (again)Command day and ever one is doing everything awesome there are really workingWell together and everything is running smoothly so far touch wood. Captain CassIs doing a great job so calm and collected and everyone else is really using the word team word and not saying it to people but they are doing it and its great�..Still having an awesome time and its just heaps of fun but not many days left now so I am making it worth while, while we still can well there is work to be done and no oneTo do it so I better go do something..See use all shortlyBye byePETEAhoy there! (As we’ve now become accustomed to)Alright it’s about time I sent out some love. I’m sorry I’ve not logged in till now but am having an awesome time! And yes (for all those lovely Exmouth cousins of mine taking bets) I was sea-sick even though I’d been so adamant my stomach would not fall victim to the unpredictable rolling seas. Am all good now though and have learnt so much. I won’t attempt to write about the adventures we are all having as it will take too long but I just wanted to get down a quick shout out to everyone to let you know all is well. Missing you terribly mum and dad and cant wait till I see you both (and Fel)… I’ll try get another log in before our return but if I don’t lots of love to you all!!Lara Oreskovich, xoxo.Hey there everyone,Thought I better log on and let you all know that I am having an absolute blast. It has all been so much fun and I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face. As everyday goes past, the only sad thing is that we are drawing closer to the end. Unfortunately that will have to do for now as I have to get back and get some things organised. Miss you all, can’t wait to see you and tell you all about it.Matthew Cividin  


31°0's / 115°9'e


Currently located 65nm to the NW of Fremantle and experiencing moderate 12-15kt SW winds with a 1.5m swell.