Captain's Log
14 November 2009


Hi Everyone,Following a night transiting the Investigator Strait we entered Nepean Bay coming safely to anchor at 0715, just to the north east of Kingscote Jetty. At 1000 this morning I handed Captain Dave (Captain elect) the ‘telescope of challenge” and in doing so, handed over ‘command’ of Young Endeavour to the Youth Crew of Voyage 17-09. One of the many tasks to be completed over the next 24hrs is for the Youth Crew to write the Captains Log, so please find below tonight’s entry from Youth Crew Captain Dave.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCOMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 17-09Hi Everyone,At 1000 this morning, the youth crew took control of the Young Endeavour. Roles such as captain, sail-master, navigator, watch officers and watch leaders were filled by various members of the crew. Assigned a number of tasks set out by the staff crew, we set out on a steep learning-curve to sail the ship by ourselves. After a short visit ashore to Kangaroo Island, and a photo of everyone aloft on the mast and yards, we set off for our destination, Adelaide. We soon found out that knowing how to sail a tall ship is different to actually sailing a tall ship. However, with a bit of enthusiasm and advice, it wasn’t too long until we were underway. Light winds and calm seas made for a beautiful day; however it also meant that our progress along our planned route was slow.Today has been the second last day of our voyage, and the culmination of all the skills and knowledge passed on to us by the staff crew. As I write this, members of the current watch are preparing to set some more sails in order to pick up some speed. We hope to reach Adelaide before handing the ship back at 1000. The first 10 hours of our day in charge of the ship have been challenging, but we certainly have learnt a lot. Thanks to the youth crew for their enthusiasm and hard work, and to the staff for all their help. Tomorrow it’s back to Captain Gav as we celebrate the end of our voyage, and the Young Endeavour continues on its way.Cheers,Youth Crew Captain Dave


35°29's / 137°54'e


Currently located 11nm to the NW of Cape Jervis and experiencing light to moderate SE winds with nil swell.