Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 May 2017

Coffs Harbour

Ahoy there,We remained at sea overnight on passage to Coffs Harbour. Sailmaster Evan woke us at the New South Wales time of 0700 with a lovely Tom Petty song as a tribute to his musical achievements. After surveying an anchorage south of Coffs Harbour and determining it to be unsuitable due to the lack of protection from the swell, we entered Coffs Harbour and anchored at 0830.We had morning brief at 0900 and were visited for the first time by Nana, whose job it is onboard to help teach the Youth Crew to keep their cabins tidy by always securing their clothes and things in their lockers. Nana pick up clothes and shoes that she finds left out and then holds a ‘Parade of Shame’ where she gets people to own-up to what she has collected.At 1030 Kyle gave a Meteorological brief which was followed by a 3-Way Chats demonstration. 3-Way Chats is planned to be conducted tonight after dinner and the Staffies conducted a demonstration of how it works. More on that later.We had another of Marcus’ spectacular lunches and then had 75 minutes of personal time to catch up on sleep or some of the Youthies used the time to prepare in their groups for 3-Way Chats.The Staffies launched the Seaboat and the first group of Youthies departed for the Main Beach at 1330. Once ashore the crew played some group sports games, organised by Super Matt, after which they were free to wander the local shops and grab a coffee and an ice cream if they wished. The last boat returned onboard at 1700 and after people had showered and changed we had the next edition of ‘Ropies’ followed by a ‘Teak Deck BBQ’ dinner overlooking Coffs Harbour foreshore.Once we had packed up from dinner we conducted 3-Way Chats, which is where the Youthies are divided into groups of 3 or 4 and have to learn the things about the other members of their group which would allow them to talk for about 3 minutes on whichever member of their group they get allocated. The problem is they didn’t find out until the last minute who they would talk about. This activity has two benefits, it is a public speaking experience and also enables everyone to learn more about each other. All of the Youth Crew mad a good effort to learn about those in their groups.It had been planned to stay the night anchored in Coffs Harbour but an updated weather forecast revealed some strong southerly winds developing tomorrow, the kind we would struggle to make any ground against. The problem was that Coffs Harbour doesn’t provide us with much protection against wind and swell from that direction. For that reason it was decided to weigh anchor and make ground to Trial Bay, near South West Rocks, which is a good protected anchorage against strong southerlies. We weighed anchor at 2100 and proceeded to sea.Until tomorrow.Yours aye, Captain Mike