Captain's Log
20 November 2000

Clouds, Rainbows and Daisies

Overnight the ship motorsailed along the NSW southern coast passing Ulladulla, Bega and Merimbula. Command Day is only a few hours away now and the YC are vying for positions. During the forenoon I took the YC through setting and furling drills so that we both have confidence that they can set and furl all sails safely by themselves. After lunch we had a communication and teamwork exercise to further prepare them for the big Day on Tuesday. Just before dinner we anchored and tonight the elections begin in the cafe. I am sure they will do very well tomorrow.Youth Crew entry by Wes Fang, 23 of Drummoyne, NSW: This morning I found myself atop the foremast with my watch taking the opportunity to view a sunrise over the ocean. Whilst admiring the view I realised I was looking at two of the most powerful forces in nature. Their power is mystical and we are so reliant on it. Their beauty rivals some of the most beautiful things in nature that we all can experience: clouds, rainbows and daisies. But combined they are breathtaking and an amazing experience which felt like it was reserved for just our watch. I’ll never forget it.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


37° 6' South / 149° 55'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor in Twofold Bay ��� near historic Boydtown. Wind - light southerly. Temp 19C.