Captain's Log
11 December 2000

Clips Clicking

Our new Youth Crew were welcomed onboard this afternoon and we got our welcoming activities straight underway. The new team is very keen and on first impressions seems like a very nice crew to be helping us sail across Bass Strait and up the NSW coast to Sydney.The introductory talks are now finished and it is with the sound of many harness clips ‘clicking’ away that I type this Log. Yes, the first climb aloft is happening at the moment and the Staff Crew are encouraging each of the Youth Crew to take on their first challenge.My team for the last 10 day Voyage of the year comprises of Matt-XO, Peter Collins-Nav, Pauly-WO, Donny-WWL, Ducky-BWL, Sally Kingston-RWL, Eddie-Engineer and Woody-Chef.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


41° 11' South / 146° 22'


Current situation at 1800: In Devonport Harbour, wind nor'westerly at 25 knots. Temp 24C.