Captain's Log
18 June 2002

Clear Skies and Close Stars

Current situation at 2000: At sea NE of Caloundra Northbound under sail.What a difference a day makes. This time yesterday we had 24 wide eyed Youth Crew trying to find their way around the ship and unsureof what to expect. In only 24 hours this group has risen to the challenge of climbing to the Top Gallant yard, proven to me that they can act as a team to tack the ship and correctly utilise all of the fitted safety equipment.Today started off with the Morning Brief. The Salty Sea Dog regaled us with the origion of letting the Cat out of the bag and not having enough room to swing a Cat. After a rousing rendition of Advance Australia Fair we sailed from Bulimba and cleared Moreton Bay. During the passage out of the Bay, the Youth Crew recieved their safety briefing from Boatswain Dutchy. Sail handling and Tacking practise followed. As we left Moreton Bay astern a gentle swell fromthe SE became noticeable and the wind freshened. Right now we are sailing under clear skies with all plain sail set. The stars seem almost within reach and the Moon is providing enough light to allow the Youth Crew to move about the upperdeck with no difficulty. Chef Karen has done a terrific job today and the favourable weather hasmeant that only a few Youth Crew members were not in the mood to tuck into Dinner.The wind is expected to increase overnight so we hope to make as much ground to the North as possible while we have the present favourable conditions.Thought for the day – When you set out to eat an Elephant, take small bites and chew well.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan


26° 35' South / 153° 35'


Wind - S 15-20 kts, temp 14C.