Captain's Log
20 March 2011

Catching up …

Hi everyone,Well you haven\\\’t heard from us for a while – no the earth is not flat and we haven\\\’t fallen off the edge! However, modern communications systems and sea water don\\\’t do so well together … my lap top did take a splash so apologies for not posting some log entries the last few days. However, onwards and upwards. We now have a work around – thanks Joel.Since Coff Harbour we made our way north along the coast encountering some rain and an increased wind strength literally as we crossed the NSW / QLD border as the sun tried to shine early on Saturday morning. This was good in one sense as it allowed us to do some demonstrational and rotational tacks. Basically, when we alter the ships course through the wind to make progress towards a point we call it tacking. To tack a tall ship you need everyone to handle all the lines and sheets so we go to tacking stations. Yesterday was an opportunity to try out at the different tacking stations and also to see how things are done from the bridge. After that we made some good ground towards Moreton Island reaching speeds of 9 knots consistently. I could not have designed a better moment to do Captain\\\’s Setting and Furling Drills. Wind strength up so lots of weight in the lines and an opportunity for the Youth Crew to demonstrate they know how to handle all the sails. We did this in watches and I am pleased to say they all did well – always some lessons to learn but it proved to me that each of the Youth Crew are capable on deck. Amazing what you can absorb in just a few days. During Saturday evening we were sailing quickly towards the entrance to Moreton Bay and Blue watch had to hand-in or furl (put away) every single sail – they worked so well they all the sails were in before we started our passage down Moreton Bay and it meant we could get to anchor at Moreton Island just before midnight last night and enjoy a peaceful night gently rocking to sleep. We anchored just to the north of Cowan Cowan at Moreton Islands.We awoke this Morning to a nice but drizzly scene and after happy hour we will be doing some sessions on sailing and the weather (ironic its raining) before lunch and off to the beach. But I will update you further tonight … provided our work-around technical solution hangs together.Until tonight, take care …YakVoyage Captain


27° 7' South / 153° 21' East


Well, a degree of precipitation sums it up. Occasional showers. 22 degrees but high humidity. Light to medium winds from the east although we are in the lee of Moreton Island with 7 knots of wind. The barometer is steady and the outlook is for not a big change over the next few days.