Captain's Log
23 September 2011

Carn the Wallabies

What an awesome day! Perfect sailing conditions on a beautiful Queensland day. We had whales, dolphins, a tack, happy hour and an introduction to Nanna and all before 1000. You couldn’t get a nicer day with a steady 10-15 kt breeze which backed nicely to the NE that allowed us to set the squares having already set the fisherman staysail and main gaff topsail. Joel provided a brief on Rule of the Road in the afternoon and best of all we had a couple of hours of silent sailing with all machinery totally shut down which is pure bliss. We are now sailing under fore and aft sails towards Hervey Bay where we will anchor sometime around lunchtime tomorrow and just to cap off a beaut day before the mast we have just heard the Wallabies have had a huge win over the USA. Not rugby giants but after Ireland I’ll take any win.


24° 13' South / 152° 35' East


Co 125, Sp 5 kts, Wind 060, 12 kts, 23C