37 degrees 3 minutes South
105 degrees 32 minutes East

Currently located 580nm WSW of Fremantle and experiencing strong to ver strong SSE winds with a 3-4m SSW swell. Our current speed is 9kts and the temperature is 12 degrees. 

Ahoy there from 37°South, and a hap-hap-happy birthday to Dr. Nick!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 26 of our voyage. Well our gale force conditions were a little tame overnight with the wind strength only peaking at 32kts which to be honest just provided us with some good sailing, so this morning we set some more sail and have continued to make very good speed throughout the day.

Given our scheduled arrival in Fremantle on Tuesday we have brought our weekend forward so that we get two full working days (Sun/Mon) prior to our arrival so that we have the ship looking good and everyone’s gear packed ready for their departure, not that we want to see them leave. Given the change of our weekend it meant that we enjoyed a Saturday Routine today and makes tomorrow a Sunday Routine giving everyone the chance to have a well deserved rest.

Tonight has seen all of the World Voyagers return to their original watches so they can enjoy their final few days onboard in the watches they first commenced the voyage in. Being a Friday we got to enjoy Pizza Night and to top it of we also celebrated Dr Nicks 35th Birthday with a fantastic Birthday Cake baked by Chef Jenko.

Currently we are located 580nm WSW of Fremantle sailing under fore and aft sail and experiencing strong to very strong SSE winds with a 3-4m SW swell. The forecast is for these conditions to continue overnight then start to moderate tomorrow.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captain Log is Bec and Hamish from White Watch, please enjoy!!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav


Ahoy there from 37°South, and a hap-hap-happy birthday to Dr. Nick.

Despite today ACTUALLY being a Friday, today’s schedule was a relaxed Saturday at sea time table under the guidance of our surrogate sailmaster Tammy whose happy attitude was reflected by the sunny weather. Today’s brief was a tad disturbing with an “interesting” production by the staffies on the genesis of the ye oldie phrase, “son of a gun”. Josh Connelly made a guest appearance as Nana Diesel with a reminder to keep everything shipshape in preparation for our arrival home. This is especially important for the male sections of the ship. An Indian extravaganza, lack of regular showering routines and repeat sock usage has combined to produce a rather remarkable odour.

After lunch we were stood down from our watches to return to our original red, white and blue watches overnight. For us this meant the reuniting of white watch for last dog watch. While it has certainly been exciting to meet new people, it is also nice to return to the familiar watch buddies with whom our adventure began (white watch still has a keen eye on overall rope races DOMINATION).

Also within the day’s events, the majority of the youth crew and Kenny participated in the singing of two traditional sea shanties, The Whale Song and Botany Bay. I don’t know if we can speak for the entirety of the ensemble but the two both agree that the acquisition of the songs to our repertoire definitely improved our pirate status. They have also reduced the risk of global warming by appeasing the flying spaghetti monster (the supreme being of which Dr. Nick informed us of in his birthday announcement at morning brief). Pastafarianism could possibly become a new boat wide religion replacing the antiquated green flash and its revered leader Evan.

In the afternoon the winds backed to a less favourable south easterly direction. Despite this we still have sails out and are making good progress towards Fremantle… it's scary how quickly our final destination is approaching!

Pizza night was followed by cake festivities in honour of Dr Nick’s big day with Jenko producing a cake in the thickest and heaviest cake dish I have ever seen!!! That man is a magician.

Kind regards,

Bec and Hamish


Hola Maynard family. Please bring Bella to the airport (she can stay in Suzi if need be ) xxx Claudia

Hi Mum, looking forward to some caramel slice! Dez

Happy birthday John! Catch up over Christmas. Hi Lorraine, ELisha, Zac and Jake. Megan

Hi Grandee and Poppa Sam! Not sure if you’re keeping track but I’m having a ball and looking forward to applying the skills I’ve learnt in July. Jack