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Current situation at 1800: At Anchor Neutral Bay, Sydney Harbour. Wind nor'east at 15 knots. Temp 24C.
Command Day completed this morning when the YC navigated into harbour and we stopped next to the Sydney Opera House to put the BAT ashore. They got 7 lucky souls to sing with them. Afterwards we berthed at Garden Island and the YC and Watch Leaders went ashore to the shops and investigate the Navy Base, have lunch and make a mud slide.... yes, mud slide.

Late in the afternoon we sailed around the harbour for the fun of it and anchored for dinner. Tonight we will hold the Command Day debrief. Their Day was extremely successful, as not only did they work well together, their passage was met with changeable weather throughout and they adapted their tactics to cope with it. Last night the wind died and we were drenched as rain squalls and lightning swept over us. The morale stayed high because they had a great attitude and were kept well informed of the decisions that were made and the reason for them. Tomorrow is the half-day sail and we are all looking forward to it.

Speak tomorrow

Andrew Davis