34° 57' South
135° 59'
At anchor in Memory Cove, Eyre Peninsula. Wind sou'westerly at 12 knots, temp 16C.
Current situation at 1900:

The southern ocean sure must have some big storms in it judging by some of the swells we saw today. They were at least 12 metres high and we just rode over the top of them. The YC were feeling the effects of a few days at sea and keenly looking forward to getting some stable deck under their feet. Earlier today I took them through
the theory of sailing a Tall Ship and later on most YC went climbing in order to set and clew our square sails - something we haven't done
till today because we've been close hauled.

Late this afternoon we sailed into a snug little anchorage called Memory Cove and together with the other SA Tall Ship, FAILIE, we provided a backdrop to a memorial service on the beach to commemorate the eight men of Matthew Flinders' crew who lost their lives 200 years ago after going ashore for water.

Tomorrow we will go ashore for the first time and spend the morning at the beach. In the afternoon we will set sail and look for another great spot to anchor.

Youth Crew entry by Claire, 22, Croydon, VIC.

Yippee, we are finally anchored and I had my first proper meal in two days (I have been living on bananas and Sao biscuits). I am
feeling fantastic at the moment. I spent today in the galley cooking up a storm. We have learnt to set and furl the sails. It is great working as a team and seeing everything getting done.

Hi Mum, Dad, Suzanne, Belinda and everyone at Mooroolbark Salvos. See you all in a week.

Celebrity Staff Crew Entry By Chook, 28, Dunlop, ACT.

Wow, I joined the Ship 2 Jan for my suitability assessment and have been here ever since. Slowly working my way through the various positions onboard. My favourite time onboard has definitely been the watchleading I have done. Well this is my last voyage until I get to go home for a couple of weeks, which I am looking forward to. So
perhaps an appropriate time to look back on the last 8 weeks in Young Endeavour.

It has been huge. The learning curve has been absolutely immense. I have to thank all the other staffies for the help in assisting me in all aspects of the learning process. All of you have been fantastic.

I should also make mention of all the Youth Crews that I have had the opportunity to work with so far. From Voyages 1-4/2002. Without you
guys this job wouldnt be worth anything. You guys are the ones who make it all worthwhile and for that I thank you.

Finally I would like to say Hi to my wife Shell and son Tristan. I love you guys and can't wait to see you on 2 March. Well that's about
all for now, The Boss said not to be too deep but I had to say all of this stuff...

Oh and One More Thing CARN THE WALLABIES...

A big hello to all the people out there i know are going to actually read this.I've only just joined The Young Endeavour and am currently
doing my first voyage as Watch Leader. I have a fantastic blue watch who are keen to give everything a go, even if they don't particularly
like the tasks set. The rest of the crew are great and helping me out with all my little mistakes- soooo a big thanks guys.

Would like to say hello to- My son Liam, parents, step parents, brothers and sisters and a huge hello to Mel and will be home in 1

Just a quick note to all the parents of my Blue watch troops, I will keep them safe and hopefully teach them some useful things such as knots.

All the best and regards

POLLY from Sunshine Coast Swimming Club

Stay tuned,

Andrew Davis