Voyage name: 
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
28 Nov - 08 Dec 2016
33 Deg 59.6 Min South
121 Deg 41.0 Min East
Personal conditions ... not great to be honest as I just lost the entire draft of tonight's log so here we go again! But on to the weather conditions here at anchor ... wind 180 at 7 knots, sea 0.25 m from the south, swell slight from the south, Temp 15C

Hi All,

At 1:00am the predicted cold front reached us. We shortened sail and rode the building swell and wind. We peaked at about 37 knots of wind and about a 4m swell. Fortunately it was going with us so it was really just the rolling that cause any discomfort. By sunrise conditions had eased and early in the afternoon we sought anchorage at Figure of Eight Island to the south west of Esperance.

Unfortunately conditions were not suitable for anchoring so we made our way to Boxer Island to the south of Esperance. Once at anchor mid-afternoon most of us were looking for some down-time after a busy night. The Youth Crew wanted to go see the island! Note to self - no more "pit stops" for sugar hits. There was a fundamental problem with getting ashore though. Of the 150 islands that comprise the archipeligo around Esperance, only 3 have beaches and we weren't at one. Nonetheless we sent Kyle our sail master and Paul the watch officer inshore with the little boat to see if we could find a landing spot amongst the granite shore line. They reported positively so most people got a chance to do a bit of exploring, swim (with a seal that just popped up next to us) and stretch legs ashore.

Everyone was back on board in time for me to provide some context for the upcoming Command Day, followed by dinner (don't tell my wife I had icecream for desert) and then the Youth Crew held their Command Day elections. The (tired) Youth Crew are just settling-in to watch their only movie of the Voyage about sailing ships rounding Cape Horn in 1929. Here's to a good night of sleep and the Youth Crew will update you on matters tomorrow.

Stay well. Dave J (Yak) Voyage Captain

We all spoke today about teamwork, cooperation and leadership. The later was explore in some depth as we prepared for Command Day.