32° 9' North
14° 18' West

Currently located 250nm NNE of Tenerife and still battling strong 20-25kt NNE winds with a 2-3m NE swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 40 of our voyage. As explained in last nights log today I handed the Ship over to the Youth Crew (Shellbacks) for a 48hr Command Period so they can continue to challenge themselves and develop the skills they have learnt since joining Young Endeavour back in Rio.


For this activity they have elected different Command Teams each doing 24hrs so they can get the full benefit from this time in Command of the Ship.



As per normal one of the responsibilities of running the Ship is completing the Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Captain Nicole.

Until tomorrow, take care

Captain Gav



Captain’s Log, Day 40?



G’day to all our followers near and far, and welcome to the first of our Command Period editions of the Captain’s Log. Our trusty leader Capt Gav handed over the precious ship Young Endeavour at 1000 to the Shellbacks and we have kept her moving in roughly the right direction under sail and motors ever since.



We are currently 160nm ESE of the Archipelago da Madeira, 242nm NNE of Tenerife and 1.3nm East of the Green Guatemala (a merchant vessel heading South). We continue to battle headwinds and a lumpy swell that are arriving close to our nose making steering difficult. On top of this, the starboard engine recently over heated so its now off line for a few hours while it cools down, but these things are sent to challenge us (right Dion?!). However, it is not all doom and gloom and each of the crew are still smiling ear to ear enjoying sea life and salty air.



Since taking command of the ship the crew have once again stepped up and impressed everyone on board with their cooperation, positivety and teamwork. We have set, furled and trimmed sails, adjusted to trying conditions, scrubbed the ship clean and danced the afternoon away in a 90’s inspired disco in the 12 berth. Our cheffo’s, Sian, Luke and Vinnie deserve a special mention for the amazing meals they are preparing in their slippery ‘kitchen’ as YE rocks and rolls beneath them. Everyone is in high spirits and looking forward to another constructive day ahead as we continue towards Cadiz under our ever pressing time limit.



On a personal note, I would like to thank all on board for their faith in me in allowing me to Captain this magnificent Ship and her outstanding crew of Young Australians for 24 hours. It is a privilege to be part of this exceptional team of which I am so proud. We have also been blessed to be supported by our amazing staff crew whose energy and willingness to assist us never seems to wain (despite being on about day 100 at sea!).



The team for Command Day were elected as follows, however we would not be moving along so successfully without the effort and input of every member of our crew.



Captains: Cass and Nicole

Sail Masters: Max and Ronald

Navigators: Eva and Bridget

Chefs: Sian, Luke and Vinnie

Watch Officers: Tilda, Fliss and Tom

Watch Leaders: Helena, Jezza and Vic

Engineers: Mac, Teddy and Trav

Super Sailors: Amanda, Robbie, Eden, Clare, Goodie and Julie


Nicole Creaser

Bairnsdale, Victoria.