35° 1' South
150° 46' East

Currently at anchor in Montague Roads (Jervis Bay) and experiencing light northerly winds with passing showers and nil swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. Overnight due to the light conditions we made slow speed down the NSW coast and by sunrise we were located 10nm to the north east of Port Kembla sailing under fore and aft sail.

At morning brief the Youth Crew were introduced to ‘Salty’ whose job it is to educate them on nautical names and the history behind them. Also making a guest appearance this morning was the ships ‘Nanna’ who ensures that everything onboard is kept neat and tidy.

Throughout the day we have continued with the training program and kept the Youth Crew busy with a number of activities which included introducing them to their first set of ‘Rope Races’. This activity helps the Youth Crew to learn the many line, sails, parts of rigging and safety equipment that are located onboard Young Endeavour and is run by Horto the Engineer.

As forecast the wind strengthened from the NE this afternoon which enabled us to bring the ship to tacking stations and complete a good set of tacks which due to light conditions we did not achieve yesterday. Following these tacks Adam the Sail Master gave a brief on how to set the square sails then put this theory into practice by setting both the topsail and the topgallant (upper two square sails).

By 1700 we were located 8nm to the east of Point Perpendicular sailing well under nearly a full press of sail but regrettably these conditions did not last and by 1800 we were again becalmed in extremely light winds.

Originally I had planned to stay at sea for another night and enter Jervis Bay tomorrow morning but given the lack of wind and unpleasant swell I decided to head into the Bay early.

At 2000 this evening we entered Jervis Bay then transited the short distance to the north of the bay were we came safely to anchor at Montague Roads at 2040.

Once at anchor the Youth Crew were given a presentation by the ship’s Navigator Miquela on how to keep the ship safe at anchor then eight of the Youth Crew proceeded aloft with their Watch Leaders to put sea furls on the topgallant and topsail.

The time is now 2200 and all of the Youth Crew are back on deck and have now settled into their anchor watches for the night. 

Tomorrow morning it is our intention to berth alongside at HMAS Creswell so the Youth Crew can get shore and enjoy some \\'terra firma\\', have a good leg stretch and enjoy a swim.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav