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Current situation at 1800: At anchor in East Boyd Bay, Eden, after Command Day. Wind light and variable. Temp 20C.
We are now at anchor doing our end of voyage jobs, like furling the sails, talking about our experiences and getting ready for the concert. The Youth Crew had an excellent Command Day and achieved outstanding results. The following entry is from the Captain of Command Day, Tony Baker, 17:

Command Day ��� Wow! The days before Command Day were excellent but this one day made my journey. Over the past ten days I have been on a journey not measured in miles, but in the way I have matured.

As I stepped on the plane to Sydney excitement swept over me. This overwhelming emotion accompanied me throughout the voyage. It slowly evolved during the early days of the voyage, but rapidly increased during Command Day.

When daylight bleached the sky of Command Day I had mixed emotions. Picture a five year old child waking on Christmas Day, mixed with a teenager, (me), realising that they have four exams and five assignments to do in the week before the Voyage. The excitement stayed with me throughout the morning and came back with a vengeance at various stages during the day.

As I sit back now and reflect on the day, I am overwhelmed with tiredness yet I feel a great sense of pride and achievement.

Thankyou, Young Endeavour, for such an incredible teambuilding experience.

Speak tomorrow

Andrew Davis