36° 10' South
175° 22' East
Command Day Part II by Will, Team 2 Captain:

Midnight tonight saw the change over of command teams, and found us at our waypoint at exactly the right time. For the next 3 and a half hours the crew worked hard to get all the speed they could from the 5 knots of wind, but managed only a mile as the sails flogged in the swell. Finally at 0300 the engines were fired up and we were quickly on our way again. Everything travelled smoothly through breakfast, the crew's morning brief and happy hour until we found ourselves 5 nautical miles from our anchorage at Great Barrier Island with 2 hours to reach it.

Having made such good time it was decided that in the millpond like conditions, we would try to get every sail up to earn some valuable ���command day' points. After a few hiccups we had them all set, the breeze sprung up to 5 knots and we found ourselves unintentionally tacking back towards our intended destination. The sails were dropped and the engines were again fired up, helping us to reach our anchorage 9 minutes after our target, which sent a great sigh of relief across the crew. Following a superb lunch with a New Zealand theme, we debriefed on our command day experience, bringing together all that we had learnt. The staff crew then took us into Port Fitzroy, where we greeted by the whole town. The youth crew will enjoy some shore leave tonight and a time to reflect on the voyage so far.