33° 51' South
151° 14' East
Light breezes from the North in the anchorage at Athol Bay, with outside air temperature of 18 degrees.
Ahoy Shipmates,

This morning, with Macquarie Light in sight, and the planned handover time for the end of the Command Day fast approaching, the fatigue and pressure of the Command Day began to show in YC interactions. The command team bravely accepted an extension to their time in command, setting fore and aft sails for the final legs into Port Jackson and down the Western Channel. Once in the Channel the square sails were set and the YC sailed the ship around Bradleys Head coming to anchor in Athol Bay late in the forenoon. Rope races, a debrief of the Command Day and a swim followed, before end of voyage talks, a ���teak deck barbeque�� and a seafood extravaganza. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the ship's concert, then with YC completing end of voyage questionnaires and ���letters to themselves��. It has been a pleasure to sail with these new mariners and tomorrow we will bid them farewell and happy Christmas.

Until next time, fair winds and following seas to you all.

Yours Aye and Merry Christmas
Captain Matt

YC Captain Lachlan Zordan of Horsham writes��_

Waking to the sunrise with the Sydney skyline on the horizon spirits were high. It was good to finally see Sydney at last and the crew was happy to be getting along after completing the ���Box of Glory�� handover goal. We made good time going up the coast even with head winds and assisted by motors for part of the way. I found taking command was more of a stressful situation than I first thought, a bigger weight on my shoulders than I first assessed, but overall I think I have done a good job Captaining the crew to Sydney. All were happy to sail into Sydney as youth of Australia sailing the Young Endeavour and completing the major goal of reaching Sydney in good time and safely. Crew enjoyed good rest after making it to Sydney with a good swim and good seafood tea and enjoying a bit of humour from the staff concert. End of the day everyone is reflecting on the time they have enjoyed and will miss it greatly. Hope it goes well for all other crews in the future as it went for me as Captain of Young Endeavour for a day.