Voyage name: 
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
09 Mar - 19 Mar 2018
43 19.9' S
145 55.1' E

Weather - overcast with passing showers; Wind - SW at 20 kn; Swell - from the west at 3.5 m; Temp - 14 deg. C

Ahoy there,
Welcome to day four of our voyage. After a reasonably quiet night at anchor Sail Master Dion assessed the showery and windy conditions as unsuitable for an early morning swim and so treated us to a 30 minute sleep-in. We got up at 0700 for breakfast and showers, followed up by a cooked breakfast. We then had the ceremony of Colours followed by the morning brief and Happy Hour. At 1000 Evan gave the Navigation brief to the Youth Crew which was followed by lunch.
At 1230 Watch Officer Adam gave the Nautical Rule-of-the-Road brief to the youthies, while at the same time the Staffies launched the Sea Boat and Navigator Evan and Marcus undertook a recce of Bathurst Channel and Bramble Cove to observe the wind and sea conditions along the way and at sea. In the mean time Watch Officer Adam gave the crew a briefing on Nautical Rules of the Road onboard.
At 1400 Evan and Marcus returned with the news that conditions seaward of Port Davey were not too bad so it was decided to depart the anchorage as planned. We recovered the Sea Boat and made preparations for returning to sea. Once the crew had finished their briefing we struck the awning, which had dried again after 90 minutes without rain. It was then packed away in the Bosun’s Store.
Sail Master Dion conducted a set of ‘Securing for Sea’ rounds and then we conducted the departure and pilotage briefs. We weighed anchor at 1530 and conducted the transit of Bathurst Passage to the entrance to Port Davey. En route Brett ran another round of Rope Races.
When we reached Breaksea Islands it was dinner time so it was decided to ‘race-track’ in the lee of the islands until everyone had gone through dinner. At 1845 we increased speed and departed Port Davey , north-about Breaksea Islands, and commenced our passage to our next potential stopover at King Island. The youth crew will keep sea watches until then, during which they will practise their newly acquired navigation skills, work the sails, conduct hourly engineering rounds of the Ship as well as keeping helmsman tricks on the wheel.
Until tomorrow,
Yours Aye
Captain Mike