17° 51' South
146° 10' East
Wind Light and Variable.
1. Situation at 2030.

2. Last night we experienced a moderate head wind as we motor sailed
down the Inner Route of the Great Barrier Reef. The watches
overnight enjoyed learning about the roles of the Watch On Deck
These involve doing tricks on the Helm, keeping Lookout duties and
conducting rounds through the Ship to ensure all machinery is running
within paramaters. The Watch on Deck is also responsible for minor
sail setting and upper deck rounds. They also take weather
observations hourly and record these in the rounds book.

3. Morning Brief was again an entertaining affair. XO Dion outlined
the plan for the day, Navigator Georgie showed us where we had been
and where we were going, Salty Sea Dog Jordo explained the origins
of the term Poop Deck and Bow and the Ship's Mum - Eddie kindly
returned all the loose items that had been sculling around the Ship
to their rightful owners. As you get nothing for nothing in this
world, those who received items off Eddie were encouraged to sing for
their personal belongings. This morning it was a staff favourite
\Crabs and Seashells\".

4. With the wind easing and sea abating the opportunity was too good
to miss and shortly before lunch YOUNG ENDEAVOUR struck all sails and
piped \"Hands to Bathe\". The beautiful waters off Townsville were
enjoyed by everyone who chose to swim.

5. After a delicious lunch we continued motor sailing. A fantastic
round of Rope Races was followed by an interesting lecture on
Navigation by Jordo. Rope Races is a competition between the three
watches and aims to enhance ship knowledge in a fun environment.
Congratulations to Red Watch who won round one!

6. This afternoon YOUNG ENDEAVOUR entered Townsville Harbour to
effect repairs to our STBD Engine. The program has continued and
tonight we have just finished Three Way Talks. In this activity
everyone is split up into groups of three (one from each watch).
After a short period getting to know each other each person gets up
and plays the role of someone else from their group. Everyone did
an excellent job, and it was great to learn so much about the
wonderful people we have on this trip.

7. The youth crew are currently busy completing a Spider Web team
work exercise. Judging from the amount of noise it seems that
everyone is having a great time. We are looking forward to a quiet
night tonight and getting underway as soon as we can tomorrow.


YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with two Perkins Sabre Engines. These
turbo charged six cylinder engines generate 215 horsepower and drive
the ship through twin 0.8m diameter 3 bladed fixed pitch propellers.


\"Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in
yourself. You must be able to sustain yourself against staggering
blows. There is no code of conduct to help beginners. That is why
some poeple with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much
further than people with vastly superior talent.\" Sophia Loren.

Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer"