Captain's Log
29 September 2001

Captain Woody

Today’s CO’s log is by acting Captain Woody, yes I have had the honour and privilege of taking care of the ship and her crew for the day. It was announced last night after 3 way talks, by Captain Andrew that at 0630 today I would take command.The first challenge I was faced with was to take the ship off the Wharf as we were still alongside at Eden, this was achieved with minimal fuss. At our staff morning brief I asked the rest of the staff crew to communicate the same information to me as they would to the boss, as I didn’t want to just play CO, I wanted to appreciate the daily routine of the CO for real. The rest of the day was focused on training the youth crew up for command day, with a rule of the road lecture, demonstrational tacks and mid voyage talks. This was a long day for the youth crew, with more to achieve. As they settle into their watches, they will be conducting their bear exercise.I would like to thank Captain Andrew, the staff crew and the youth crew for their great support as not everyone has the opportunity that I have had today.Youth crew entry by Steve Hrast, 21,Canberra,This trip so far has been very rewarding, for instance I have fulfilled my life long ambition to vomit into Bass Straight, but it only happened after a lot of hard work by all the crew, especially the chef Woody, who did a great job not taking personally us using his lovingly prepared meals for ammunition. Today was exactly the same with no spewing involved. We pulled out of Eden and are heading up the NSW South Coast, tacking into a Northerly breeze. Best say hi to Mum, Dad, Chini, Dan and little Goldie see ya soon. Havin a great time.Youth crew entry by Lewis Carmichael, 16,Canberra,The long voyage from Melbourne to Sydney is a long and treacherous one. Not made any easier by a ship made for the height challenged and walking around in a 6’3 frame. Today was about preparing for the forthcoming command day with lessons on the duties of those at the bridge while the rest of the hard working youth crew are tacking the ship. To find out what little hard work the staff actually do was none to reassuring as the realisation that the ship will soon be under our command dawned on us. Today also gave us the chance to reassess our goals for the voyage and here the stories of those who already have. Hi to all those back home Mum, Dad, Ellie, Stanley and all others and a big thanks to my grandfather Toz for giving me a chance to take this incredible voyage. See yaPatricia Gangemi, 20, Goolmangar, NSW,The reason why I came on Young Endeavour was for the challenge. After overcoming airport delays, flight cancellations and lost luggage before I even boarded the ship, I knew this voyage was going to be challenging at the very least. After loosing count of the number of times I ‘fed the fish’; I finally overcame my seasickness and can now eat and even venture below deck without making sure there is a clear path to the side of the ship. Last night in Eden we found out a bit more about each other and I discovered there are some pretty amazing people on board. I am having an excellent time.I would like to say hi to my family in Sydney, my house mates Fe and Kris a ‘The Ranch’ and to all my uni buds in Lismore (especially to the Essendon supporters- we may be at sea but we still hear the important news, go the lions). See you all soon.Stay tuned,Acting Captain Woody


36° 20' South / 150° 14'


Current situation at 1800: At sea in Tasman Sea, due to pass by Montague Island at 2030 . Wind: North at 10kts. Temp 18C.