Captain's Log
V03/18 Sydney to Devonport
2 March 2018

Busy, Busy Bees

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at sea on passage towards Devonport, TAS. The wind averaged 15 knots from the east with an abating easterly swell, which made for a relatively good night’s sleep. At the morning brief I quizzed my sea puppies (youth crew) how they slept and all replied well. We had a visit from Admiral Salt-Dog (‘Salty’) at the brief and he explained the nautical origin of the following common English expressions: ‘To have someone over a barrel’, ‘To let the cat out of the bag’, ‘Not enough room to swing a cat’ and ‘Cat’s got your tongue’.After Happy Hour we conducted Rotational Tacks during which the watches rotate through the other watches’ positions’ so that they can appreciate what their jobs are.Following lunch we had edition 4 of Rope Races, followed by Mid-Voyage Chats facilitated by the Watch Leaders, after which I gave my last Sail Theory brief to the Blue Watch.At 1530 we conducted Demonstrational Tacks, during which the YC came up to the bridge in small groups and observed how the bridge team control Tacking and Wearing, necessary knowledge for Command Team members on Command Day.Except when we came off engines to conduct Tacking, we continued to make good speed in the favourable conditions. Motor-sailing we averaged 6.5 knots, which was better than we expected. The plan tomorrow is to anchor on the western side of Flinders Island around lunch time. Tonight we will continue motor-sailing on a south-westerly course with most of the fore-and-aft sails set. Each watch will conduct the self-reflection activity known as ‘Apples and Onions’, facilitated by their Watch Leaders. It is a rare opportunity for each youth crew member to gain an insight into how other people see them. I consider it to be one of the most valuable things in our program.Until tomorrow, take care. Yours AyeCaptain Mike From Ellen: Wishing Leila a joyful 21st Birthday!


39 12.5' S / 148 24.5' E


Weather - fine and sunny, Wind - easterly at 8kn abating, Swell - from the south-east at 1.0 m slowly building, Temp - 19 deg. C