Captain's Log
24 July 2011


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day seven, the morning commenced with yet another rousing tune from Sail Master Matt, when everyone mustered on deck at 0630, to our surprise despite the 8 degree temperature, the sky was clear and the sun was cresting the horizon finally promising a day without rain. The early morning activity, morning brief and happy hour were all conducted before the ship weighed anchor and once again proceeded offshore into the Tasman Sea which had abated significantly overnight.During the forenoon the watches continued deck work and sail handling consolidation as the ship continued wearing south east under a full press of sail. After lunch the ship reversed course towards Broken Bay. I then assessed each watch executing setting and furling drills without their Watch Leaders. These drills are designed to evaluate each watch in their ability to safely set and furl sails without compromising their own or the team’s safety in preparation for Command Day. It was with great satisfaction that each watch successfully completed this task sails without their Watch Leaders, displaying high standards of teamwork, communication, knowledge and safety.Late afternoon the ship re-entered Broken Bay while Engineer Leon conducted round three of rope races which saw the non disappear from the non-competitive title as the watches gained confidence in the lay out and terminology of the ship in order to locate the various nominated items. All sail was then handed in as the ship proceeded to anchor in the lee of Little Pittwater.Once safely at anchor a teak deck BBQ was consumed under the stars followed by the Youth Crew electing their Command Team for the next day when they will take control of the ship for 24 hours in the capable hands of Youth Captain Jake and his team.After another very busy day, the Youth Crew have settled down for the night, hopefully achieving a good night’s rest in anticipation and preparation for tomorrow’s commencement of Command Day.Our last seven days at sea had seen significant developments in the overall journey of our young adventurers. They have progressed enormously both individually and collectively as the voyage continues to gain momentum. Command Day approaches with great anticipation for all. The intention is remain at anchor prior to weighing the following afternoon for the adventure and challenge that is Young Endeavour.Until tomorrow evening when you will read the exploits of the ship from Captain Jake, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


33°34's / 151°16'e


2300 at anchor - Weather Cloudy Sky, Wind WNW 3 knots, Swell Nil, Temperature 10 degrees, Barometer 1018 hpa