Captain's Log
25 April 2002

Bring on the w- -d

Current situation at 1800:And still we have no wind! On the plus side this made for a very pleasant night at anchor off Eden where, last night, we all enjoyed hearing about each others lives back on land through a fun ���three way talks’. It also provided the opportunity for a good nights sleep for all. This morning we rose early for an informal dawn service held onboard commemorating ANZAC Day. The Youth Crew had made an environmentally friendly paper wreath, which was laid during our short little ceremony which I personally found quite moving as the colourful sunrise brightened the eastern sky.After breakfast everyone proceeded ashore for a welcomed leg stretch and chocolate run. Back onboard for lunch we sailed shortly after and then the Navigator provided the Youth Crew in a lesson on the seagoing ���rules of the road’.Since leaving Eden we have continued to motorsail in the light airs and occasional showers (the front having fizzled into a weak trough). Tonight we are heading for Jervis Bay and will be conducting teamwork exercises en route. And I’m not even going to mention the w–d.See you tomorrow,Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by ���A’ aged 22 from Victoria.Hi there everyone, just want to let you know that I am having a great time with great people. Constantly trying not to let the rolling seas get the better of me – and I’m winning at the moment (just!). Looking forward to some wind tonight so that we can do some serious sailing! See you soon (xxoo to M,D,K,J & B)Youth Crew entry by Amie Milligan aged 17 from Taree, NSW.Arrr ME HARTIES and many pirate hellos to all those back home!! The Young Endeavour’s definitely testing my resilience to the max!!! I’m currently sitting in the navigation room hoping that the rolling seas will not get the better of me – and I’m determined to spend no more time on this trip with my head stuck in a plastic bag or over the rail!!! The people here are amazing – and really supportive and stuff – and this is set to be a trip that will test everyone’s limits!! Climbing up the mast is the best!! Lots of luv to all those back home and I’ll see you soon!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOLANDE HARDY!!


36° 33' South / 150° 15'


Course 015 Speed 5 knots. Wind northwest 6 knots, clear skies, temperature 22C.