Captain's Log
12 June 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 14 of our voyage. The weather gods smiled upon us today with clear blue skies and sunshine that warmed our chilled bodies. The only downside to this touch of warm weather was the very noticeable lack of wind (less than 5kts to be exact) which has meant handing in most of our sails and motor sailing just under the main staysail for the whole of the day.

Looking at the latest forecast this weather may stay with us until the middle of the week when we expect the next cold front to move across and hopefully the Roaring 40’s will live up to their name.

Being a Sunday we have enjoyed a lazy Sunday Routine with most enjoying a sleep in, with the exception being the morning watch who continued to keep us safely sailing. During the day most of the crew have taken advantage of the warmer weather spending time up on deck reading, washing clothes, exercising our just enjoying a beautiful day at sea.

Currently we are located 2750nm WSW of Fremantle motor sailing in light and variable conditions with a 1.5-2m SW swell.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Alice D and Josh C from Polar Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy from 44⁰ South

Today was a Sunday sea. Sunday is thankfully a day of rest on Young Endeavour, so outside of watch hours we had our time to ourselves, and the weather was absolutely spectacular. While the day started off in its all too familiar freezing manner, it soon warmed up around 10am and we started seeing a few more people crawl out of their sleeping bags and up onto deck. The World Voyagers and staff were soon relishing the sunlight; with the deck busy after lunch with people reading, chatting, napping, laundering, and yogaing (pretty sure that’s a verb).

We have been continuing our trek south-east under a mix of sail and mechanical propulsion, and there seems to be a little more east than south in our course lately, as we are now at the right latitude to pick the trade winds that will bring us to Fremantle. Resident meteorologist Dr Nick has predicted that we’ll have similar calm weather conditions tomorrow before a front moves in on Tuesday that will see Young Endeavour moving eastwards hopefully at over 10 knots! There has been talk onboard about breaking Young Endeavour’s speed record (240 knots in 24 hours), so the Staffies and World Voyagers will be doing their best to achieve this. The original record was set in this same part of the world during the delivery voyage of Young Endeavour back in 1987 – a record older than almost every World Voyager on board! Until this front moves through everyone will be enjoying the sun, calmer seas, and hopefully warmer weather.

Our first 24 hours in our new watches is now complete – they are appropriately named, Ice, Polar, and Arctic. This has been a great opportunity to get to know people from outside our original watches. Everyone has settled in, and it has been interesting seeing how different watch leaders and watch members accomplish the same tasks we have all done before.

There was a temporary change in the galley with Blue/Ice Watch leader Marcos stepping up into the role of chef for the day to give Jenko a bit of well deserved rest. He had some big shoes to fill, but did an excellent job with steak sandwiches at lunch and roast pork and tomato soup at dinner. Thanks Marcos!

Cheers! From a slightly warmer Alice D and Josh C. Polar Watch out.

Shout out to Mum, Albert and Rachello. Love and miss you all heaps. Can’t wait to see you all. Your favourite daughter and sister, Rebecca. X

Family and friends….tie that yellow ribbon round the old oak tree…not long now! Luv Andrew, Knuckle, Duddle, Kenny


44 degrees 37 minutes South / 58 degrees 7 minutes East


Currently located 2750nm WSW of Fremantle and experiencing light and variable winds with a 1.5-2m SW swell. Our current speed is 9kts and the temperature has now cooled to 8 degrees.