Captain's Log
11 November 2007

Bound for South Australia

Ahoy shipmates,Refreshed from an interesting tour of King Island and a barbecue on deck while at anchor, spirits were high as we weighed yesterday evening and continued on our way for South Australia. Last night we motor sailed in the light airs and made good distance towards our next planned stop, Robe. This morning, after the obligatory Happy Hour, I had the pleasure of trying to impart some theoretical knowledge on the art of sailing a tall ship to the youth crew then, in recognition of Remembrance Day, at 11 a.m. we shut down the engines and all running machinery for a quiet period under sail, to allow all of us some time to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made by so many and to think about the many things in our lives that we tend to take for granted, including the peace and freedom we enjoy, for which we can be grateful. At 11.15 we restarted engines and returned to the normal voyage routine.This afternoon another set of rope races saw Red Watch pulling ahead in the point score. We have just completed a set of rotational tacks and a wear ship, this to allow the youth crew the opportunity to experience and gain an appreciation of each other’s jobs in maneuvering the ship and to better prepare them for the rapidly approaching Command Day. The wind in the meantime has filled in sufficiently from the south to set all sail, this time including the fishermen, the engines are shut down and now we are looking forward to a peaceful night with the wind in our sails.Yours Aye,Captain Bob


38° 18' South / 140° 50' East


Light southerly wind, calm seas, partly cloudy.