Captain's Log
18 July 2001

Bouncing Along

All are now settling nicely into the rhythm of watch keeping life at sea. Some have suffered mild seasickness but they seem well on their way to getting their sealegs. After a fairly boisterous night bouncing along before the fresh trade wind breeze we have made excellent progress covering some 180 nautical miles (that’s about 325 km) in the last 24 hours, all under sail. It has been a relatively low-key day today allowing all to adjust to the routine at sea.Nonetheless we fitted in a navigation lecture so now Youth Crew can start plotting our progress on the chart. Also the Sailing Master conducted the first set of rope races designed to help teach the Youth Crew all the ropes and other important items aboard ship. And the day concluded with all hands to tacking stations where we consolidated tacking drills and threw in a wear for good measure. (Wearing ship is when we manoeuvre the ship to put the wind on the opposite side by turning away from the wind as opposed to a tack where we turn into the wind.)Now the sun is setting and it looks like a very pleasant tropical evening ahead. Tomorrow night we should be in the vicinity of the Montebello Islands where, if conditions are favourable, we might stop for a leg stretch and explore on Friday.Yours Aye,Cap’n Bob


19° 15' South / 118° 24'


CO's Log 18 July 01Situation at 1800 Wednesday 18 July 2001: Course 250 Speed 6 knots under all plain sail. Conditions: wind ESE 15 knots, some puffy fair weather cumulus cloud, temp 21 degrees.