Captain's Log
31 January 2001

Both Joy and Apprehension

Spent the night at a great anchorage off Dromana and after a night of laying aloft (climbing) the foremast, we were greeted by a sunrise that would rate among the finest. Not a breath of wind, which was great for us to change out the jib before the wind came up. We were underway by 0900 to make our way through Port Phillip Bay’s notorious ‘Rip’ at slack water. Our transit through The Rip was exciting enough, providing the YC with their first taste of swell and wind, a combination that brought reactions ranging from joy to looks of apprehension. After a busy day of sail setting and furling and general safety procedures we achieved our goal of tacking the ship and then settled into watches for the night. The YC are already tired after a big day, so with the rough weather and the prospect of tacking a few times before morning it looks set to be a big night. All the best to you all and until tomorrow, fair winds and following seasMatthew Rowe


38° 44' South / 145° 8'


Current situation at 1800: At sea south of Westernport Bay beating to the east. Temp 18C. Wind south easterly at 25 knots.