Captain's Log
12 November 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 19 of our voyage. As forecast the wind freshened from the NW to 20-25kts early this morning and since then we have been enjoying sailing under nearly a full press of sail (haven’t set the Gaff Topsail as the wind is to strong).

Given the favourable forecast for the next five days I have decided to make this our 124hr (5 days 4 hours) sailing run to see what distance we can achieve during this period and submit the results to Sail Training International (STI) who annually awards the Boston Teapot Trophy to the Tall Ship that sails the greatest distance during this set period of time. Having briefed the World Voyagers on the rules of this Trophy we commenced our run at 0800 this morning and in moderate to strong conditions have maintained a boat speed of 7.5-8.5kts throughout the day which should improve tomorrow as the wind strengthens. Hopefully the wind gods will continue to smile upon us for the next five days and we will do well!!

Currently we are located 1820nm WSW of Fremantle sailing on a broad port reach in strong 20-25kt NW winds with a 2m SW swell.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Matt C and Kate, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy from Latitude 43⁰,

We’ve slowly moved further north over the past few days. It’s bizarre to think that we find 13⁰C quite balmy weather in comparison to the past week or so. Taylor has finally reduced her clothing layers to the official unit of measurement of only ‘half a marshmallow’ (FYI, this equates to approximately four layers of clothing). This morning we were blessed with some sunshine and partial blue skies instead of the ominous, dark clouds that we have previously been experiencing which we felt were more likely to drop snow rather than rain. For our watch, the sunshine meant a midmorning climb up the foremast for Kate, Matt and Brig which we haven’t been game enough to do much of lately for fear of frostbite.

Despite the nice weather, we’ve still had strong winds although the wind and swell is now coming from a direction that is more favourable to the Young Endeavour. The previous day’s weather induced a constant 20⁰ heel to the portside which unsurprisingly made showering, using the bathroom, sleeping and just generally walking around quite difficult for many. Yet another casualty occurred yesterday as Brigida and a few others decided to engage in a rugby scrum with the dining room bench. Doctor Horto was quick to ensure a full recovery of the bench with the aid of some glue and new pins.

The final round of rope races for this week’s watches concluded. Congratulations to Ice watch for their success. The winning prize was a day off from Happy Hour (cleaning time) for tomorrow. Unfortunately they lucked out as their watch is scheduled up on deck during this time (unlucky). The real prize will come later next week after we return to our original watches. Boga was once again a success but only after another group game. Today’s game was led by watch leader Shaun. Long story short, we had to do lots of sit ups in each other laps and Kenny once again proved himself overall game master by conveniently calling an end to the game as soon as he moved into the leadership position – a true winner…

Pizza night has once again left everyone in high spirits and ready for the weekend to begin. With the weekend comes more siestas, more time for card games, new watches, and of course more great sailing and fingers crossed for some sunshine (please). With the engines off and favourable winds anticipated to sit above 25 knots, we are well positioned to break a few records that we are aiming for. The first record is the annual Sail Training International record for most nautical miles travelled in 124 hours. Helming during this time is especially important as veering (accidentally) a little off course can reduce our chances of achieving this goal. The second record is chasing a personal best for the ship. It was on this very same trip back in 1987 that the Young Endeavour set the record for most nautical miles in a 24 hour period (240nm), a record which has remained unbroken to this day.

Finally, we are happy to report that Grenfell has finally changed out of his pirate costume and he has stopped playing with his selfie stick (temporarily). However, there is apparently one more costume change to come and unfortunately this is likely to include his new mutton chops.

Looking forward to some downtime and a sleep over the weekend,

Matt C and Kate xoxo

Shout outs:

Hi Stef,

We will be disembarking at about 0830 on the 23rd. Any chance you could be there at 0730 and I’ll take you out for break and catch up. Miss you – Rose

Not a Duffer. Haven’t drowned. Love you all – Alice V.

Dear Basil, I miss your wet little nose, cute paws and your attitude problem. I hope that Mum and Dad are looking after you better than that time I forgot to feed you for a weekend. Say ‘meow’ to Mum and Dad for me. Miss you, homie – Kate xoxox

Shout out to Ben. Looking forward to seeing you again in Perth. Feel free to bring Bill along. – Nic G.

Dear Jack, We think it’s time you stop living vicariously through Tim and find your own girlfriend. After 30 days at sea, maybe your beard has finally got to a standard that a girl might notice you. Anything is possible, mate. We believe in you – Whiskey Victors xoxo


43 degrees 35 minutes South / 79 degrees 54 minutes East


Currently located 1824nm WSW of Fremantle and experiencing strong NW winds with a 2m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 9 degrees.