Captain's Log
26 June 2003

Bon Voyage Lukey!

Situation at 11:00 Overnight the Youth Crew kept sea watches for the final time. There were several sad farewells as the hours slowly ticked by. Theytook the opportunity to exchange contact details and messages in their copies of ‘The Life and Times of Young Endeavour’. At 06:30 all hands were piped on deck for a jog around the upperdeck and early morning activity. From there it was off to breakfast and showers.At 08:00 the Ship sailed out of Townsville Harbour and clear of the channel. The forty knot winds forecast did not eventuate, andthe weather had once again returned to that which Queensland is famous for.At 09:00, with the Youth Crew aloft and singing the National Anthem, the Ship came alongside for the final time for voyage 11/03.Upon arrival, the Youth Crew were met by family and friends. Looking back ten days to when we left Cairns, it is obvious that the Youth Crew have changed. When they arrived onboard, they were full of trepidation and unsure of what to expect. Over the course of the voyage they grew in both confidence and ability through determination. During a difficult command day, the Youth Crew used effective teamwork to face the challenge the weather presented them and were ultimately successful in achieving their goal of sailing the Ship from Orpheus Island to Magnetic Island.It is hoped that the Youth Crew will maintain contact with one another, and with the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme. BZ (Navyspeak for well done) to each and every one of them and I wish them fair seas and following winds in all of their future ‘ Endeavours’Today marks the final day onboard for a very important member of the Staff Crew , LEUT Luke Marthick. For the past 15 months Lukehas been a mainstay of the youth development program and he has never failed to provide 110% of his effort towards ensuring that theinterests of the Youth Crew were met. He has been a loyal shipmate and a good friend and all of us here will miss him. From all of theStaff Crew I wish Luke a Bon Voyage and best wishes for success in his next posting.Thought of the Day: Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious trimumphs, even though checkered by failure, than torank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory or defeat. Theodore Roosevelt.Yours, Aye Captain JohnLCDR, RAN > >


19° 15' South / 146° 50' East


Alongside Berth #8 in Townsville Harbour.