Captain's Log
22 June 2010

Birthday Girl

Day break had us sailing northwards with all squares set making good ground enabling us to wear ship and shape course into Hervey Bay at 0700. The wind remained fresh and once in the Bay proper we seemed to be the victim of some large wind shifts that worked against us. Nonetheless the sailing was excellent and as the swell died away from the protection of Fraser Island the last of the sea sickness disappeared. I provided each watch with a discussion on sail theory (ho hum) and during one of those lectures we were given an excellent example of sail balance as the ship was hit by a squall of 35 kts. Exciting stuff. The ship came to anchor in ghastly cold wet weather at 1800 and it was certainly good to get below. Not sure what happened with the ���beautiful one day, perfect the next’ weather that Queensland sells itself on.In the evening we celebrated Peta’s 17th birthday and Adrian baked a beaut cake for the occasion. On a personal note it was also my daughters 17th birthday and I miss her dearly. Following the cake out came the pop corn and the YC settled back to watch a video on the exploits of Irving Johnstone and taking the Peking around the horn. This is all good prep as the YC start to think about Command Day which lies ahead. Captain GunnaCarpe’ Diem


24° 58' South / 153° 13' East


Cold, wet and windy