Captain's Log
2 April 2002

Biding Time, Waiting for Pizza

Current situation at 1800: This morning we awoke to a beautiful day and after a big night of climbing and not much sleep we soon cleared the cobwebs with a greatbrekkie and a fun morning brief. Today the YC went through learning more of the parts of the ship, particularly the lines and sails andafter a swim and lunch we weighed anchor and headed further out to sea.This afternoon the YC set all sails but there was one big problem. No wind. Zilch. Nothing. Zip. We are waiting for a southerly to fill our sails but in the meantime we are enjoying the ambience…and the sunset…and the company…and the loads of dolphins.Everyone is well and there’s no fish feeding. Everyone is waiting for pizzas though.Stay tuned, Andrew Davis


34° 52' South / 138° 10'


In Gulf of St Vincent, under fore and aft sail. Wind - no wind, temp 26C.