Captain's Log
23 June 2009

Beutiful One Day and Perfect the Next

Hi Everyone,We lost the fish last night so have rebaited the hooks and lure with hope of attracting some more fish today. A slow night sail wise but lots of things to do still, including our peer assessment activity called ���apples and onions’. This morning there was only about 5-7 knots of wind, just enough to do demonstrational tacks where the Youth Crew get the opportunity to witness what happens at the bridge when we tack or wear ship. It was such a delightful sunny day that we couldn’t resist sneaking into a nice little bay at Cape Clifton, just to the south of Shoalwater Bay. We anchored in the early afternoon but before enjoying another swim we had to pray for more wind for the rest of the Voyage. Enter Brother Nutsi (a.k.a. Shayne, the White Watch Leader) who appeared out of nowhere. We paid homage to the local wind God before levitating all in the name of seeking more wind.We also did rope races today with the Youth Crew very much getting into the swing of it all before enjoying a beautiful sunset and a lovely dinner care of our Chef Jarod.We sailed after dinner and recommenced our passage north. The big task for the Youth Crew tonight is the ���Bearex’, which is a practical team building activity in addition to having to sail the Ship.We are just about to weigh anchor so until tomorrow, a few words from Lawsy:���what can I say, the endeavour is grouse. I mean really, I am taking up sailing no joke. The crew is really tight now, everyone has loosened up and getting along like peas and carrots but the thing that makes it has to be the food, truly one has not eaten this good for such a period��_lawsy����_ and the last few words from Jess:���I don’t think I have ever had such an amazing time! I pretty much have no words to describe it, the crew is amazing everyone is really tight, finally the sea sickness has disappeared and I even managed to fall asleep on the front of the ship at night watch during hectic swell. I wish we were sailing the world so it wouldn’t end.��Take care.Yours Aye,Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


22° 31' South / 150° 46' East


Light easterly breeze, 21 Degrees and clear skies, low swell.