Captain's Log
29 September 2011

Beach Assault Team success

Good Evening Shipmates, Here are some words from the former YC Captain, Sara. Good evening civilians. After a sleepless night for some, we woke to the first overcast morning of the voyage. All members of the youth team prevailed through the command night in high enough spirits to muster the energy for today’s sail to our final command day waypoint. This was certainly encouraged along by yet another delicious meal served by our three master youth chefs. With our course still accurate and our watch and leadership teams commanding the ship with bleary eyes, we watched the sunrise over the ocean once again. We met another waypoint accurately at approximately 5.30am, and after resetting and furling some sails, we cast loose the gaskets on square sails and let them unfurl. We now sailed downwind en route to our final destination as initially planned and as a tall ship should; showing off our aesthetic merits to all that were fortunate enough to see. Our sail for the day finished with a superb navigational effort which saw us safely through spitfire channel, a harmonious effort by all watches on the deck and a perfectly executed furling of all sails by our sailing master. We then motored to our anchorage point and finalised all tasks (including a very entertaining shore landing by our Beach Assault Team) before I then handed back the command of the ship. With command day debriefs, a relaxing afternoon at anchor, a barbeque dinner on deck and performances from all, it was a lovely end to what has been an extremely rewarding 24 hours. With short anchor watches planned for tonight, a beach filled morning and an afternoon sail tomorrow, I have no doubt that our voyage will end on the positive high note that it should. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the Youth Crew Members for their efforts, not only during the command period but also for the entire length of the voyage. It has certainly been difficult at times with sleepless nights, hideous bouts of sea sickness and exposure to the beautiful yet ferocious power of the ocean; however I have no hesitation in stating how gallantly each and every member approached and managed these situations. I hope that the lessons learnt on board will resonate in us all for a long time to come. I would also like to thank the entire staff crew on behalf of the youthies. It has been a pleasure to have been exposed the passion they all have for tall ship sailing, and for the Young Endeavour program itself. Without their remarkable efforts and involvement, the journey would not have been the brilliant learning experience that it has been, and still continues to be. Thank you. Youth Captain Sara. To Mum, Dad and Cal: hope you’re enjoying the quiet without me, stock up the cupboards, I’m coming home. Love Clauds xx DON’T TEMPT CTHULU!!!! Love Kate & Jonah 😀 Heya Commander Taggert and Lovechops! Having the time of my life and sorry to say but I’m not coming home 😉 I love it here!!!! JK LOL see you soon my lovelies xoxoxoxox Love Kateus O’Neillius :}D…PS. Dougy~ I like the cut of your jib 😉


27° 10' South / 153° 22' East


At anchor TangaloomaWind 300 / 20 kts