Captain's Log
20 November 2011


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day five of our voyage, after keeping anchor watches overnight our day commenced at 0630 with a wakey wakey song from Sail Master Joel to muster everyone onto the upper decks for an early morning activity. Breakfast was consumed before the ship weighed anchor and departed the magnificent Kent Island Group and shaped a course south motor sailing under all plain sail.During the forenoon, Watch Officer Jarrod presented an intriguing maritime Rules of the Road lecture, an important component of safely navigating the ship to avoid colliding with other vessels or running aground by correctly identifying various lights, shapes and navigation markers. This was followed by discussing mid voyage talks where individual and collective progression was evaluated against the day one goals. These were then revised for the second half of the voyage.After lunch and the next round of rope races was conducted. The completion of this heralded the approach of a westerly cold front which brought 40+ knot winds and three metre seas. Safety lines and storm sails were rigged for the remainder of the Bass Strait crossing as the ship passed Banks Strait and closed the Tasmanian north east coast for a southerly course making good seven knots on a beam reach.The intention is to remain at sea overnight continuing to make ground to the south along the Tasmanian north east coast. The Youth Crew have displayed remarkable teamwork and endurance today which will culminate with a team work and communications exercise during their night watch.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


41°1's / 148°25'e


2300 at sea - weather overcast intermittant showers, wind WNW 22 knots, swell W 0.5 metre, temperature 12 degrees, barometer 1011 hpa