Captain's Log
12 May 2011


Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day five of our voyage, after conducting a challenging teamwork and leadership exercise overnight in cold conditions, Blue Watch rocked our world with the morning wakey wakey song setting the benchmark for the day. After an epic morning brief at which time we passed the mid way point across Bass Strait, I presented a sail theory lesson to progress with the deck work and sail knowledge.With lunch completed the ship was rigged for silent running ship when all machinery was isolated and only the sounds of the sea and the wind in the rigging was heard throughout the ship. This enabled the Youth Crew the rare opportunity to contemplate and reflect to a time when tall ships were only powered by the wind and without electrical power generation.The next round of ‘rope races’ was held raising the non-competitive stakes to a new level. Then Watch Officer Sandon presented a theory lesson on meteorology and the associated effects to sailing vessels, after which the crew was stood down for a respite period. Through out the day the ship continued north east under three squares sailing along handsomely making good five knots with a 20 knot SE wind and two metre swell.The intention is to remain at sea overnight continuing to make ground to the north closing our next scheduled anchorage at Eden. The Youth Crew have displayed remarkable teamwork and endurance today as the voyage continues to gain momentum with the majority having been awarded their sea legs on the crossing of Bass Strait.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


38°4's / 150°31'e


2100 at sea - weather overcast intermittant showers, wind SSE 20 knots, swell S 2.0 meters, temperature 15 degrees, barometer 1021 hpa