Captain's Log
28 February 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,This morning saw everyone awake and on deck at 0630 for an Early Morning Activity (EMA) followed by one of Chads great breakfasts. Just before 0800 the Youth Crew were mustered on the starboard side of the bridge to be introduced to the ceremony of colours (raise the flags and sing the National Anthem) this was followed by morning brief. On completion of morning brief it was straight into our first climbs which everyone was keen to do. The morning was bitterly cold with strong southerly winds but by 1100 most YC had completed their first climb. The anchor was weighed at 1115 as we had planned to pass through the Rip (entry to Port Phillip Bay) at slack water which was at 1400. The Navigators timing was perfect and Young Endeavour passed through the Rip and into Bass Strait right on time. Our welcome into the infamous Bass Strait was not pleasant with 30kt southerly winds and a large and confused swell. Given these conditions, after setting some fore & aft sails and altering course to the south east I decided to suspend any more activities for the day and settle everyone into their watches for the night. Late evening has our position 24nm south east of Cape Shank continuing to make good progress towards Deal Island, which will be our first visit ashore for this voyage.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


38°45's / 145°14'e


Currently 24nm south east of Cape Shank experiencing strong southerly winds with a confused swell