Captain's Log
12 October 2006


After an adventurous night last night that required all personnel up on deck to help hand in sails, we settled down to some heavy weather sailing. Fortunatly the weather gods smiled down and decided that half a night was all that was required for all on board to call them selves salty sailors and by early morning the wind and seas had abated sufficently to set the jib and the main sails again.Chad has proved that he really is part superman, baking fresh bread rolls every morning this voyage, rough weather or not!As the day has continued it’s become evident that were we to stop at Cape Barren Island we would put our selves quite a way behind the raw Speed Of Advance (SOA) required for us to reach Sydney by Tuesday evening next week. So the decision has been taken to cut away a stop at the Furneaux Group and continue onto Eden. That and the fact that 3/4 of Cape Barren Island is conflagerated by a large bushfire.Spirits continue to be high with nearly every one over their sea sickness!!Until tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANVoyage Captain 


40°1's / 149°53'e


N NE'ly winds 20-25 kts, swell 2 meters, confused sea, 70% cloud cover